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Best Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Clinic New Delhi, India

Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Clinic New Delhi Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Surgery, Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction
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External Ear Damage Repair Surgery . Plastic surgery repair of badly damaged external ear involving skin and cartilage. Ear attached with a small part of skin. Plastic surgery reconstruction can help to achieve the normal shape of ear. To know more about ear reconstruction visit

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Cheek Scar Removal Surgery or Scar Revision of Cheek Scar.
Scar removal of depressed cheek scar by plastic surgery.
Scar removal surgery improves the visiblity of scar and make it more acceptable. After scar revision you get a fine line scar. For further info read more at https://southdelhicosmet...

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Grade 3 gynecomastia in young man and how gynecomastia is treated.
This video shows picture of gynecomastia before.
Male breast removal and liposuction for gynecomastia treatment.
How is man chest fat removal by liposuction done?
What is male breast gland and how it is removed?
Patient is awake ...

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FUE hair transplant is best hair restoration treatment these days. It helps you you achieve your goal of getting head full of hirs.
What is FUE transplant?
How is FUE hair transplant suirgery done?
What is the recovery time fter hair restoration?
what are the before and after results of fue hair ...

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Video-post related with nose job surgery.
Following are common queries and answers of nose job treatment
What is nose job surgery?
How long does nose surgery take?
How can a big nose be reduced naturally?
What is the cost of nose job treatment?

Video post featuring most commonly asked question related with Jawline Definition Surgery or Jawline definition treatment .
Jawline definition Treatment by jaw surgery or Orthognathic Surgery.
Jawline definition by nonsurgical treatment.

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Treatment at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic Delhi

  • Hair Transplant by Painless Almost Scarless FUE method, Faster Recovery, Best Cost, Best Hair Transplant surgeon

    Hair Transplant or hair grafting by latest sophisticated FUE Method. South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic is best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. All hair Transplant procedures are done by our experienced hair transplant surgeon. Hair Transplant surgery is performed under local anaesthesia so you don't feel any pain during surgery. Duration of hair transplant surgery is approximately 8-10 hours. We offer best hair transplant cost in Delhi India. Success rate of hair transplant is quite good. Hair transplant results are not permanent but long lasting. It does not give long scar on your head at donor area. FUE hair transplant is almost painless method of hair transplantation. we also offer beard transplant and mustache transplant
  • Treatment for Gynecomastia or man boob Gynecomastia Surgery , Man Chest Shaping , Man Breast Reduction or Puffy Nipple Correction

    Gynecomastia treatment is also known as man chest surgery or man chest fat removal. Gynecomastia surgery is done by liposuction and removal of the gland . It is one-time surgery. it not only gets you rid of the man's breast but also helps you to get good chest shape. Gynecomastia Recovery usually takes 2-4 weeks. The age limit for this treatment is 18 years. This surgery usually takes 2-3 hours to get completed. Man breast reduction cost depends upon the grade of man boob enlargement and anesthesia for this surgery. Best gynecomastia treatment is done by Liposuction and gland removal surgery. In most of the cases, there is no definite cause of gynecomastia. Some people also ask for treatment of puffy nipples. Gynecomastia doctors are basically plastic surgeons. The plastic surgery clinic is the best gynecomastia clinic. Gynecomastia surgery in India is very commonly done these days. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi India is less expensive than european countries.
  • Liposuction or Fat removal Surgery or Body Shaping Treatment in Delhi at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic

    Liposuction of Thigh, Buttock, Tummy, Love Handle, Arm Back and Double chin. Liposuction is not the alternative of body weight reduction . Liposuction is mainly done to reshape your body after removing stub born fat.
  • Tummy Tuck | Abdominoplasty or Mommy Make Over in Delhi

    Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy, Stretch mark removal, Loose sagging skinr emoval
  • Tattoo Removal By Laser

    Permanent tattoo removal by laser and plastic surgery at affordable cost. Laser has the benefit that it remove tattoo without scar or mark if done by safe hands. Tattoo removal by laser need multiple treatments. Plastic surgery remove tattoo in one go but it gives some scar.

Face Plastic Surgery and Face Cosmetic surgery at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic

  • Nose Job Surgery | Rhinoplasty | Nose Reshaping Surgery

    Face Surgery or Face Plastic surgery is most commonly demanded cosmetic Surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is done to reshape the nose. Broad Nose, tilted nose, small nose, big nose are the common problem. Face lift surgery in Delhi is done to improve the face. This is done to correct the aging changes on face which appear with age. Commonly wrinkles or sagging appear with advancing age. Eyelid surgery for drooping eye or double eyelid or eyebag correction . Eyelid surgery improve the face and correct the tired look.
  • Lip Augmentation and Reduction by

    Lip augmentation treatment is most commonly done by dermal fillers. Lip augmentation surgery is done by putting implant in the lip. We usually prefer lip augmentation by dermal fillers. Lip augmentation is painless treatment and it last for 8-10 months. Cost of lip augmentation is ranging from 15000 to 25000 Indian Rupees
  • Eyelid Surgery | Eye-bag surgery | Occuloplasty Surgery | Droopy Eyelid Correction | Burn Eyelid surgery

    Blepheroplasty is the term used for eyelid surgery. It corrects loose hanging skin and puffy or baggy eyelids. Blepheroplasty is very helpful in facial rejuvenation. It is an important antiaging treatment. Eyelid surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia. Scar of blepheroplasty are hardly visible. recovery after eyelid surgery usually take 7-10 days.
  • Cheek Dimple Creation | Chubby Cheek Correction | Cheek Fat Grafting

  • Ear Surgery | Ear lobe repair or Torn Ear Lobule repair | Pinnaplasty |Prominant or Protruding Ear Surgery | Small Constricted Ear Surgery

    Ear reconstruction plastic surgery after complete or partial loss of ear. Ear reconstruction is done by taking skin and cartilage from nearby area and chest respectively.
  • Face lift Surgery | Eyebrow-lift | Forehead-lift Surgery | Neck-lift Surgery in Delhi

  • face Injury mark | face Scar treatment| Acne Scar |Face Scar Removal| Face Scar Plastic Surgery| Injury mark on Face| Laser Scar Treatment

  • Chin Augmentation Surgery or Augmentation Genioplasty| Chin Implant | Chin Augmentation by Dermal Filler

    Chin Augmentation surgery is done to increase the height or to bring forward the chin. A Chin of good shape, size and proprtionate with other facial features impart aesthetic look to face. Chin augmentation is done either by jaw bone surgery or by chin implant. This augmentation surgery is done either from inside the mouth or by giving a cut in skin below the chin. Recovery time after chin enhancement surgery is between 2-3 weeks. The cost of chin enhancement surgery depends upon the method of surgery. Chin Implant is made of either silicone or porous polyethylene. The side-effects after chin augmentation surgery is swelling, infection, non-union of bone and implant displacement.

Laser Treatment of Skin in South Delhi

  • Permanent Laser Hair Reduction from face body, arm leg in Delhi

    Laser hair reduction by painless method . Diode Laser giving highly satisfactory results
  • Laser Tattoo removal

    permanent laser Tattoo removal by Q swith Nd-Yag laser. Permanent tattoo removal by laser and plastic surgery at affordable cost. Laser has the benefit that it remove tattoo without scar or mark if done by safe hands. Tattoo removal by laser need multiple treatments. Plastic surgery remove tattoo in one go but it gives some scar.
  • Laser Acne Scar Treatment | Injury Scar Treatment | Laser Burn Mark Treatment

  • Laser Photofacial Treatment | Laser Pigment Treatment in Delhi

  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation | Laser Face Resurfacing

  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Breast Surgery

  • Breast reduction Surgery

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery | Breast Enhancement Surgery

  • Breast Lift Surgery |

  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery


2 months ago
Dr. सुरेंद्र चावला is an awsome human being, through gentelman and a great Doc. He explained everything very well before operations and Is cooperating good after the operations. He has made the operation and post smooth. I hope everything would go fine in our case as till now everything has turned according to the plan
- Indu K
2 months ago
After years of embarrassment and hesitation when i decided to get rid off my gynecomastia(grade 3) problem a lot of questions started bothering me like what procedure, is it safe, scars on my body and the most important one was which Dr should i go to. After a thorough search i got a reference from a very senior doctor in faridabad about Dr. S.K. CHAWLA (South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic). Soon I met Dr. Chawla he answered my all queries again and again many a times not only to me but also too my parents acting as a strong moral support. The surgery went really well even better then I ever imagined. The scars were almost invisible to me leave about others. Shape of my chest is better then ever. Though I am still recovering but I feel so satisfied when i wear bodyfit clothes which gives me an aesthetic look. The clinic staff keeps contact with me throughout and reports to Dr. Post surgery care is very authentic. Affordability was another bonus. I hope this review is useful to readers. All...
3 months ago
Not have enough words to express myself .he is the best doctor I have ever met. He is very experienced and still so humble .best plastic surgeon in delhi.i recommend it to all of you reading this. No better option you can have in delhi.
- Rahul G

Performing Art of Cosmetic Surgery

South Delhi Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has become one of the most trusted and favourite Plastic Surgery  and Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Delhi for both Indian and international patients.

South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic has been ranked as::- 

"4th Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Delhi NCR"

"3rd Best Dermatology Clinic in Delhi NCR"

 by Times of India Ranking Survey 2018 

Our Surgeon Dr Chawla is the senior consultant cosmetic and plastic surgeon and director of this clinic. He is a senior consultant plastic and cosmetic surgery department of Max and Fortis Hospital of Delhi and NCR. He has been trained by eminent Plastic surgeon of India and Abroad.
Vigorous and enthusiastic effort of our eminent cosmetic surgeon Dr S.K.Chawla has generated trust and confidence by producing consistent  and excellent results at affordable cost.

Our Cosmetic and laser expert Dr Sarika has enhanced self esteem and created confidence among people by performing successful non surgical cosmetic treatment with great results.

It is a state of art Plastic Surgery clinic for various plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment like
Rhinoplasty or nose job,
Eyelid Surgery
Lip Reduction and augmentation.

Various body plastic surgeries performed for body shaping are gynaecomastia surgery, Mommy Makeover, Liposuction, tummy tuck stomach, bodylift, .

Skin surgeries for White Spot, Injury Mark, Burn Scar, Mole, wart, Skin Tag, Cyst, Acne scar, Birth Mark are also done with good results. 

Our doctors are trained in non surgical cosmetic treatment for facial rejuvenation, and Laser treatments.

Non Surgical treatment of facial rejuvenation at South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic are Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Vampire lift, PRP Therapy, Microneedling, Stem cell Therapy, HiFu therapy and Chemical peels.

Skin rejuvenation Treatment for Skin pigmentation, mole, Warts, Skin Imperfections, Injury scar, Wrinkles are done by our doctors only.

Laser Treatment for Laser hair removal, Laser tattoo removal, Photofacial, skin resurfacing, Laser scar removal and Birth mark removal are done by our expert doctor with good results.

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